Thursday, April 8, 2010

This, this is a pimp out.

Hello all my friends!

So it is T minus two weeks until I am officially back in Calgs for the summer. And I have decided that I am going to be starting my own businesses!! Yes, that is right people. I am going to be working for myself. What I have decided to embark on is; selling my raw food creations at the Bearspaw Farmers Market(hopefully, if not, I will just have to advertise some other way!), lead yoga classes at some community centers, and do some nutritional counseling, just for good measure. I have a whole wide menu of raw food treats, as any one who is my friend will know, as I have force fed you with them in the past. If you, or any one else would like to order some raw foods, drop me an e-mail at, and I can send to you my menu! I am also looking forward to teaching yoga this summer. I would love to get everyone I know, and allot of those I don't know to come out! I will be filling you in on the details as I know what they are. And I am always available for a food coaching session, as I am a Holistic Nutritionist! OK, so that is allot of pimping I just did. But really, I know that so many people are so confused about food and nutrition, and that they need to eat, but don't have the time to make something nutritious and delicious for themselves. I am really hoping that I can be of some help to all the busy people out there! So, if you or any one you know wants some food, counseling, or even some private yoga classes, you know where to find me! And I promise, the nutritional counselling is tailored to YOUR needs. I am not going to try to make you raw, vegan or even vegetarian. It is all about what is going to work for you! Oh, and the picture above is my Raw Chocolate raspberry brownie, pina colada bars and some "power balls."

Love you all!

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