Thursday, January 28, 2010

Its Time For an Update!


Hello my friends. I have started this post with the pictures of the durian I enjoyed last Sunday! I actually had two! But I did not eat quite a bit of it, because me stomach was to stuffed. ALSO, in bigger news, MY LITTLE SISTER ATE TWO PODS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! She, just like the rest of my family, used to HATE the smell. She said that it used to make her nauseated and gave her a head ache. Now, since I have been eating them in our apartment with her here for a few months, the smell no longer affects her. So I got her to taste one and she loved it!!! It may have been the most exciting moment of my entire week. She is going to have her own this Sunday. I still just can not even believe it. IN other food news, I am officially a food snob. I bought a box of organic bananas, that are ripening still, and I will only eat organic fruit. I have had two orange nights, which have been so lovely. These are called Cara Cara oranges! They are beautiful and pink and so tasty!<
As for life, I have been thinking allot as of late, as to what I want to be doing with myself when my yoga teacher training is over. I have been pretty much promoted to supervisor at my restaurant job, but this is mostly due to my large arsenal of cooking knowledge(all of which was acquired by watching the food network) and my obsessive view on cleaning. It feels strange to be good at something that I am no longer passionate about. I am glad that they value me there. And usually that ego stroke would be enough to convince me to sign my life away, and to pledge my allegiance to the restaurant. But that is just not the case any more. I must of matured something serious! I enjoy the physical nature of my job, and I love the team aspect, but I am un-satisfied on an intellectual level. And I just have this burning desire to really be of impact whilst I am here on earth. Life really is a gift, and I just want to milk it for all it is worth by contributing all that I can. There is just not a whole lot of room for me to go anywhere past where I am already in the restaurant industry. I have been happily reading my required course material with my Yoga Teacher Training. I feel like I learn something new each day about human nature, and how yoga works with it, not against it, but in a way to help people move forward, not feel badly about themselves because they were made aware of their short comings. Yes that was my wink and nudge towards organized religion, but enough of that for today. So, I was researching options for me, come the summer time, and I had quite a few. There is a fruit farm in Hawaii that I could go and live and work on. There is WWOOFing, which would be an amazing travel opportunity. There is joining a friend as she potentially journeys to Australia, and just working for a year. All of those options sound really really fun, but after thinking about it, I know I would just feel like I am taking one more year out of my life, not doing what I ultimately want to be doing, which is helping people. I don't know if it is just because I am turning 21 or what, but I really am feeling that I need to start my life's work. So after thinking quite a bit, the year abroad is ruled out. I know my sister and my mom are very likely going to be re-locating to Vancouver come the summer, and I really want to go with them. So Vancouver is the place. I would miss them way to much, and feel to left out if they moved and set up shop together next year and I was off some place else. So as for the what of my life, I was struggling with How I was going to help people. My mom and I have discussed opening a place together, where I would teach yoga, and she would life coach. She is currently learning so much in the Martha Beck Life Coaching course. And while I believe whole heatedly that yoga touches lives, I still want more. I see myself having one on one contact with people. Looking at what I like, I came down to Life Coaching myself, which I can start in June, as I finish my Yoga Teacher Training, or become a nature path. I want to be a life coach. I will already be dealing with peoples physical selves with yoga, and my nutritionist diploma (tee hee, betcha didn't know I had that did you!?), and the helping people find their right lives, sounds like a plan to me! SO, all in all, I will be moving to Vancouver this summer, starting to teach Yoga, and commencing Life Coaching training with Martha Beck!! Hazza!
Here is a picture of my beautiful sister, and the indispensable Chelsea, along with her overly generous birthday gifts for me!
We all went to Health Fare(the place I work) for lunch this week. I learned that I just like sweet fruit. I had a bowl of tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers and lettuce. (I know, I know, not fruit... I didn't even like it boooo!) And I think I am just over it. I will be posting again soon. I have much to say. This was just a logistical up date, more philosophical to come later.

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