Monday, January 18, 2010


Hello one and all! Yesterday was Sunday, and thus, it was d-day. What is d-day you ask? D-day is my weekly indulgence day. I buy one, gigantic, durian, and this is my feast for the day! Yesterday, my Durian was sooooo creamy, so rich, so soft, so ripe. It tasted of vanilla and caramel and banana and custard. It was heavenly. Generally, I avoide the "super stuffed" feeling when I am eating, but for durain, the subsequent 20 minutes of pain are well worth it. I just love love love durian. It is my food obsession. During the week, I will always have moments of thinking that I smell some durian, or can taste it in my mouth. Ok, enough with my un-healthy affection for an inadiment object, on we go.

Last night also marked the wrap up of my first weekend of yoga teacher training. It was ASTOUNDINGLY different than I though it would be. Basically, the mirror of my spirit was held up to my face, and it was a rather un-pleasant reflection staring back at me. I realized that the nature of any amazing teacher is one of, patience, enthusiasm, grace, poise, and most importantly an amazingly generous spirit. Teachers are basically mooched off of all day long, everyday. I mean, think about it, they are giving information, encouragement, support and love all the time, in order to maximise their students learning potential. That is a huge call. I found out this weekend, that I am rather selfish with information. I feel annoyed when people ask me questions, like they should really be trying to figure it out themselves. I do not feel a burning desire to help people, mostly I feel bombarded by peoples need, and want to retreat. I am frustrated with people easily. I know that this program is really going to help me face these facts and over come them. I see myself as the loving, supportive, generous teacher, I am just not there yet. Also, I noticed that I am so used to learning passively. It has been a long time since I have actually let myself really care about anything. But I want to be enthusiastic about all the little details of yoga. So I am really going to have to let my guard down, and allow myself to be submerged in this training, not just floating above it, only 70% engaged and present. This will take work, but I have a feeling that this is why I was lead to this course.

And my last thing to jabber on endlessly about is how my first day at work went! It was so fantastic! I work at a place called Health Fare, here in Edmonton. ( It is working toward a healthier fare than most take out places. Lost of veg, brown rice, whole wheat flour, and even FRUIT!! I tell you what, you could do a lot worse. I had forgotten how much I adore working in kitchens. The whole set up is something that really resonates with me. We are all active all day, there is no sitting around on a computer, or just sitting around being bored. We all work as a team to get everything done. We are actually literally working together, and I love that. There is rotation of tasks, you are never stuck doing the same thing for more than an hour, which is really good for my over-active brain. And there is a sense of being generous, and giving to the community of people who come in. We are providing nourishment, all be it not the nourishment I would eat, but still nourishment none the less, even if it is just in the love that we all put into the food we make for them. This place is also IMMACULATELY clean, and laid back. There is such a great energy and work ethic. If you live in Edmonton, you must come and see!
Alas, I must go forage for some bananas! Untill next time!!

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